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At Spring Buds Learning Campus, our curriculum approach is eclectic.

* Play - Based Approach

Play is a facet of every child’s development and it builds the foundation for academic success in young children. Through purposeful and meaningful play, children can develop holistically in all areas : socially, emotionally, physically, creatively and intellectually.

* Thematic Approach

Our curriculum is organized around themes that promote authentic learning experiences as a whole to help children make meaningful connections across the different learning areas of language and literacy, numeracy, motor skills, social and emotional, aesthetics and creative expression, and discovery of the world.

* Project - Based Approach

Project work is an integral part of academic and learning development. Project work enriches children in their general knowledge about the world around them and scientific skills, computer skills, geography, history, etc develop children to a higher level in their learning experiences.

* Impressive Chinese Programme多姿多彩的华文课程

我们的华文课程设计多姿多彩,包括方案研究,主题探索,绘本世界,读本学习, 品德教育(弟子规)以及华文艺术活动(书法,水墨画,华族音乐及舞蹈等),通过这些有趣的课程,孩子们不再认为华文是枯燥无味的,他们每天耳濡目染,轻而易举地掌握华文听说读写的技能,并学习成语,部首,汉语拼音等华文基础知识,为他们进入小学以及将来的华文学习打好坚实的基础。

* Multiple Development Approach

We integrate solid academic learning with a broad range of enrichment programmes. Children discover the beauty of the world around them from Multiple Development Approach.

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